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Ristorante Bergamo

A true Northern Italian experience

100 N Main Street, Greenville



Freshly prepared

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A mainstay for over 35 years in downtown Greenville. 
Chef and owner Gian Pietro Ferro has celebrated two years now and added his Northern Italian touch and 30 years
of NYC experience to the place!

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We offer you some of the finest wines from the countryside of Italy and a few from other areas. Each one is carefully hand-picked to ensure we give you a fine dining experience.
FYI, we do charge a corkage fee and would appreciate no bottles that match our collection!

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Opening Hours

Dine In

|| Tuesday - Saturday

seatings from 5:30 - 8:30

We will be CLOSED on Christmas Eve

We prefer that you make a reservation ahead of time - find us on OpenTable or click the reservation link

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